Fall is here and it’s football time!!!  You’re relaxing in your lounger bowl of chips on one side and a bottle of beer on the other and thinking “Thank God it’s raining so I didn’t have to take the kids pumpkin picking”.  Troy and Joe are talking football and the next thing you know water is pouring down over the window…guess you should have had your gutters cleaned BEFORE football season started.  Clogged gutters cause all kinds of problems and the easiest way to avoid the water problem is to have your gutters cleaned.  Keltom Gutter Service offers no mess and convenient cleanings.  Call for service, answer a couple of questions, get a quote immediately, and schedule a date when we will be there. Pretty simple…We are fully insured to hand clean your gutters, flush the gutters and downspouts, and bag the debris at the roof line.  Some companies bag the debris but then they leave it there! Who does that……

Many people choose to go with the landscaper or gardener…sure they have insurance for work performed on the ground but when it comes to ladders and roofs make sure you have the right company with the right insurance.

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