So you think you need new gutters??  Maybe, maybe not. It’s been raining for 2 days and water is overflowing from the gutters ruining your landscaping,  splashing mulch on the house, the basement is getting wet, waters flowing into the house through the window…you know all the nasty things that can happen.  First things first…when is the last time you had the gutters cleaned? Be honest…a year ago, 3 years ago, 5 years ago!  OK,  first thing schedule a cleaning.  A clean gutter is a happy gutter and if they’re happy then so are you. If you are still having a problem maybe the gutters need to be re-pitched due to heavy winter ice and snow or water accumulation due to dirty gutters.  Weight in the gutters can cause the gutters to pull away from the fascia and the pitch of the gutter may change.  Maybe your fascia is rotting and the gutters have nothing to hold on to. Now, if your gutter is torn off for whatever reason and all bent or broken then you definitely need new gutters!!! You may want to look at all the new colors and copper look a likes available now on our website.  We offer free written estimates on installations and are always available to talk about what type of repairs you may need.  Give us a call 1-800-535-8660 to schedule a cleaning before you need major repairs or new gutters.