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Why Gutter Maintenance is so Important

The # 1 cause of damage to your home is caused by water.  Water can be destructive by way of ice, snow or heavy downpours.

Gutters are basically long channels that sit along the lower edge of your roof. They’re designed to capture all the water that hits your roof when it rains or melts after snow. This ensures that it travels safely to the ground. These channels are angled slightly to direct water to the downspouts.  It allows the water to fall to the ground in a controlled manner. The end of the downspout is curved to ensure the water is deposited away from the home’s foundation.

Once water pools near the foundation, the soil underneath the water is completely saturated.  This puts an enormous amount of pressure on the side of your home. Over time, pressure causes the basement and lower walls to push inward or crack. When the water finally drains off, it may erode away the soil, causing the foundation to settle. Eventually this results in uneven floors or cracks in walls and chimneys. Once cracks appear in the foundation, even if a collapse is not about to happen, water enters the home through those cracks where mold can grow.

Inspection and regular maintenance of your gutters helps to locate even small leaks which can prevent the gutters from performing properly.  Blocked and non-functioning gutters can impede the flow of water causing an ice dam in freezing weather and severe water overflow allowing the water to form a pool near your foundation.

Cedar roof?

Gutter systems on your home play an important role in the performance of your cedar roof. If the gutters are not functioning properly water will become trapped under the cedar shakes or shingles and create roof leaks into your home. Regular maintenance including gutter cleanings reduces the risk of damaging your roof.

Yankee or box gutters?

Built-in gutter systems are actually part of the cornice structure and drain through internal or external leaders. They are not readily visible from the ground, but are integrated into the structure.  Built-in gutter linings that fail will cause extensive damage to the cornice and, in some cases, interior of the structure.