Gutter Cleaning Service for Slate Roof & Wood Roof in New Jersey

  • We Do Not walk on slate roof, wood roof or any other specialty roof – we perform all gutter cleanings directly from the ladders, to avoid any breakage, cracking, or damage to your roof
  • Courtesy – our technicians will knock on the door to let you know they are on your property
  • We bring our own hoses – all we need is an outside faucet available, the water turned on
  • Gutters are hand cleaned – we don’t use blowers
  • We flush gutters and downspouts (temperature must be over 40 °)
  • We bag all debris at the roofline and removed from the premises
  • A door tag will be left at the site upon completion
  • No pre-payment required – we will mail the invoice

Many gutter service companies will not clean a home with a slate roof, wood roof or specialty roof.  Why? Because it is time consuming, labor intensive, and requires technicians who provide that little bit of special attention.

We train our technicians not to walk on any building that has a slate roof, wood roof or other specialty roof. They will perform the gutter cleaning directly off the ladder using ladder stabilizers when necessary.

Why we do not walk on specialty roofs including slate, tile, wood or metal.

Slate roof tile has a storied history, and is known as one of the highest quality, longest lasting roofing materials. Slate draws homeowners because of its beauty. So you won’t find a roofing material on the market that has a classier, more celebrated appearance.

On the other hand, relative fragility of slate roofing tile means that gutter system maintenance requires professional care. You don’t want to have to replace broken tiles because the gutter system was not working properly. The wrong company may have caused this problem.  Replacing broken tiles is not as easy as it sounds, since slate comes in lots of forms. This makes it nearly impossible to find replacement tiles that are a perfect match.

Wood and cedar roofing requires special care when having any type of work done that may require workers to go up on the roof, though durable one wrong step can increase the chances of breakage.

Over time moss, mildew, and mold can seep into the wood and also weaken the shingles or shakes.

The gutter system on your home plays an important role in the performance of your cedar roof.  If the gutters are not functioning properly, water will become trapped under the cedar shakes or shingles and create roof leaks into your home.