Even though it is December the temperature seems more like January or February.  The leaves haven’t even finished falling and already there is frost on the roof and frozen debris in the gutters.

If you are looking out the window wondering where that drip, drip, drip is coming from, it is likely caused by the build-up of water that froze inside your gutters — resembling ice cube trays.  Everything freezes including the debris in your gutters.  Clogged downspouts, improper gutter pitch and clogged underground drains can contribute to the cause of frozen gutters.

To clean out the gutters the debris needs to thaw a little bit. Yes, you could scrape out the debris but why take a chance of damaging the gutters?  A hole in the gutter is not good!   As the day warms  the debris softens and can be removed without to much trouble.

Below is some information on how to determine if your gutter is improperly pitched, downspouts are clogged or the underground drains are clogged.

Clogged downspouts:  

“Knock” on the side of the spouts beginning where the spouts connect with the gutter and work your way down to the base of the spout. If the knock returns a dull thud sound, then the spouts are clogged in that area. If the noise resonates like it’s hollow inside, then that area is okay. Test the full length of the downspout for clogs.  If you have older gutters that are not seamless check the seam that runs down the back of downspouts. If the seam has separated, then the downspout is clogged, no longer operational, and will need to be replaced.

Clogged underground drains:

Disconnect the downspout from the pipe and check for clogs. This is an area where leaves accumulate, and the drainage pipes will need to be cleaned out by hand, snaked, or the downspouts will need to be rerouted above ground depending on the scope of the problem.

Improperly pitched gutters:

If you were diligent about cleaning out your gutters, and water has frozen inside the gutters, call us to check to see if your gutters are pitched properly. Frankly, it doesn’t matter if your gutters are old or new, improperly pitched gutters are commonplace and will cause water to pool inside the gutters and freeze like ice cube trays.

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