Keltom Gutter Service has been around for 26 years providing service to the rich and famous who have either been born in Jersey, lived in Jersey or are proud to be living here now.    We have cleaned, repaired or installed gutters for football greats, talk show hosts,  best selling authors, actors and politicians.  People are people and the one thing they have in common is to maintain their homes.  Copper, aluminum or galvanized gutters with slate, cedar, tile or metal roofs, or homes over 10,000 square feet for us it is all in a day’s work.    Regular maintenance of the gutter system is what we do….and will help to avoid costly repairs to windows, doors, foundations and expensive landscaping.

You don’t think about gutters too often, really how many people walk around or drive down the street checking out other peoples gutters?   We do! Our techs can tell if a gutter is off pitch or needs to be re-secured just by looking at it!  When we perform a gutter cleaning we will check for repairs and let you know what is wrong. The leaders  and gutters are flushed,  all debris is removed by hand and taken away.  We do not leave messy trash bags for you to have to throw out…..or blow the debris all over the yard.  Need repairs or looking to replace the gutters?  We do that too…actually the only thing we do is gutters!