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Many homes have a water drainage problem.  In-ground drainage systems include: residential catch basins, and dry-wells. Failing or ineffective drainage can cause everything from minor irritation and annoyance to major expense and repair.  Though they are different utilities, nearly all kinds of catch basins and dry wells have at least five major things in common:

*Both convey water away from your property

*Both work by gravity

*Both typically have a grate and drainage components

*Both can alleviate a number of home headaches such as flooding and standing water

*Both involve a system of pipes to conduct water and a place to temporarily hold it.

Generally, a catch basin is a drainage system designed to carry water away from your home and perhaps direct it across the property before it runs to a public storm-water system, dry well, local water body or into the ground.  Like a catch basin, a dry well might also collect rainwater runoff from gutters and other impervious surfaces around homes and businesses such as the driveway, patio and walkways and other areas. Dry wells take many forms and can serve a variety of purposes in household drainage, and it’s possible to see them used in conjunction with a catch basin or to see more than one used on a single piece of property.

How Do I Know If I Need In-Ground Drainage System?

You and any other homeowner or resident knows their property better than anyone else, and there are some signs that may indicate you need supplemental or improved drainage:

  • Is there standing water in your yard or near your property regularly?
  • Do you have concrete, steel or other impermeable materials edging the yard?
  • Does the grass stay saturated?
  • Are parts of the lawn dead?
  • Are there foul odors in certain spots?
  • Do you see excess insects, mosquitoes in particular?
  • Is the terrain of your yard or neighborhood sloped?
  • Does water accumulate in the basement or garage or other areas after a heavy rain?
  • Is there any mold or mildew on the interior or exterior of your home? The presence of any of these conditions can be helped and often solved with a correctly sized catch basin and/or dry well. 

How Do I Maintain the System?

Keep it clean: While a well-functioning dry-well will catch all the runoff properly, the water will always bring dirt, asphalt particles, vegetation and other assorted materials with it. One key to good function is to clean out the dry well or catch basin periodically and check and clean the grate often, like after every big rain and almost daily when leaves are falling. How often you need to have it cleaned depends on how fast debris accumulates, which to some extent depends on each individual property and its terrain.

Usually, an annual or semi-annual inspection and maintenance plan is sufficient for average situations.

Tend to the pump: Your dry-well setup may include an existing pump that has malfunctioned, or you may have to use a pump to remove water in order to find and fix problems. Especially since pumps and their installation are expensive people like to consult a professional to get the job done right.

Take preventative measures:  Try not to dispose of fat, oil or grease, or fog, down the drain or through any drainage system since it will cause system clogs. People are advised to remove as much of the materials from dishes as possible and then throw it in the trash before washing or running dishes through the dishwasher.

Clean gutters: The more leaves, sticks, dirt, asphalt particles and other debris you can keep out of the gutters, the less that material will flow to the dry well or catch basin. You can also use gutter guards or screens to keep waste out of the water that flows to the catch basin or dry well.

Good maintenance will prevent you from having a costly repair bill that can potentially involve water pumps, excavation and new mortar or concrete. The cost of an annual or semi-annual professional inspection is small compared to what any one of the bigger projects or major service could cost, such as a catch-basin replacement.

Elite Excavation and Drainage SVCS., offers inspection and maintenance service for all in ground drainage systems.