March Madness is here…I’m not just talking basketball …of course I’m a Villanova fan as my brother-in-law is a Dean and hoping that they can retain the title, but there is a lot of madness out there.  “There” is one of those words that could mean anything….the weather, traffic, world affairs, politics –  I’m sure you know what I mean.  

One thing I do know is that Spring is on it’s way and personally I can’t wait.  Yes it means outside work, but look at all the other wonderful things that happen during Spring. I know it can be hard getting back into the swing of house and home chores after not doing too much over the winter, so to help you along below is a short list of outside things to do:

Clean Siding and Trim , Clean and Refinish Wood Deck, Clean Outdoor Patio Furniture, Outdoor Home Maintenance and Repair, Inspect and Repair Roof,  Repair and paint siding and trim, Remove Storm Windows, Repair and Install Screens, Inspect and Correct Foundation Drainage, Check and Repair Attic Vents, Inspect Foundation for Termites, Inspect for Squirrel and Raccoon Damage


The gutter system performance plays an important part in the overall condition of your home…incorrect drainage can cause many of the items on the list above.  Always remember TOP DOWN!!!

Water runs down so if it is not properly directed away from windows, doors, foundations, intricate landscaping it will cause damage to your home.  Gutter maintenance is not as easy as it looks… do you want to get on that ladder 40′ in the air?  Walk on your roof to reach the high spots? Even the lower gutters can be dangerous, let the pros do it.   Our company is fully insured with both liability and workers compensation.  

Keltom Gutter Services can help with the special items listed below:

 Clean Gutters and Downspouts, Clean Debris on Roof, Repair all Gutters and Downspouts and Correct Foundation Drainage and Install New Seamless Aluminum or Copper gutters.

Give me a call to schedule a gutter cleaning and we will check for repairs while were there!!

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