Underground drains are not the best way for drainage. Downspouts that flow into underground drains are found in more than 1/3 of the houses in NJ.  Why is that?  Undergrounds as they are called direct the water from your gutters into this tiny little pipe that either goes to a dry well (which believe me is not all that dry and clogs up) or supposedly to a downward slope area on your property with an exit point.  Have you ever looked for this exit point?  Can you even find it after the weeds have grown in and the landscapers ran over it with the mower 132 times?  Is there even an exit point or somehow the pipe just goes into a black hole?  Did you watch when they put that pipe in?

Clogs in your underground drains are caused by a number of reasons………….time (how old are they?) debris which falls all year long, animals taking up residence (making nests, having babies), weeds and vegetation growing (especially if your drains were installed when PVC perforated was the way to go)  Clay pipes? Even older and have their own problems….moisture over time allows them to soften. AND repairs are expensive….

There are different ways that you can channel the water in your gutters away from your home. Some houses use downspouts that direct the flow of water downhill or down a slanted driveway. Extensions put on the downspouts direct the water away from the foundation.  Even though the ground elevation is relatively flat the water will flow.  Call us to see if you can have your downspouts moved…I mean why is it there?  Can it be redirected?  I personally have extensions that are 6′ long to bypass my mulch and spill out into the lawn.  Yeah I know that they are not as pretty but….they also don’t clog and just so you know they match my gutters.

Ditch the underground drains and Call us to help.