A pretty powerful Nor’ easter is coming to the the eastern part of NJ with winds ranging from 30 – 60 mph.  We all know that between the 3″ of rain expected and heavy winds your gutters could be at risk.  Gutter maintenance is the most effective defense from rain water damage to your home.  Keltom Gutter Services will check your gutters for repairs whenever you schedule a gutter cleaning. Most of the time a simple repair such as a gutter re-secure, longer downspout extensions and corner miter replacement can fix the problem.  Sure, we also do gutter installation for that wind damaged gutter that was already loose and is now laying on the ground bent and broken or for the gutter that just needs to be rehung since the winds caused it to be hanging by a thread off the house.

Properly working gutters keeps the water flowing where it should be flowing….through your gutter into the downspout and away from your home.  To make sure that the water is flowing away from the home and not pooling next to the foundation is to make sure your downspout extensions are long enough, the gutters are secure and to make sure your underground drains are clear.  A clog in the underground drain can cause the water to back up into the gutter and flow over the front side of the gutter right next to your foundation, or worse the water can go in back of the gutters if they are not secure and wreak havoc on the fascia board and your home……so regular gutter maintenance is a must.

We are open year round unlike some companies that stop cleaning are servicing gutters after the Fall season.  Our trucks are out repairing, cleaning and replacing gutters in 13 counties – give us a call to fix your gutter problem