Many homeowners think okay I’ll do the easy stuff first…mostly on the ground.  Doing top-down is the best way to avoid double work.  I mean think about it….your roof needs repair whether it is wood, asphalt shingle,or slate repairs are messy.  Gutters need repair, cleaning or maybe even new ones, again messy. Chimney needs cleaning or repair – messy.  Having your windows cleaned for the holidays?  Top-down!!  Why clean the landscaping twice?? So the best thing to do is take a look at the list below and try to get in the mood to do all that is necessary to protect your most valuable asset – your home. 

The fun of owning your own home……..below is a list of the top fall maintenance chores.

  • Have your furnace or chimney cleaned-It’s been awhile since you’ve had to light any fires or turn on the heat, but soon those cold temperatures will be back. Have a qualified technician come in and check it out. Don’t forget to change your furnace filter too!

  • Check for roof damage– Now is the time to see the damage before it’s covered up by ice, snow, and whatever Oklahoma weather throws at us.

  • Clean out gutters and downspouts-Don’t let that debris clutter up. It could cause bigger damage later on.

  • Double check your caulk-Check for caulk corrosion around doors and windows to make sure there’s not deterioration. Also, check around showers, bathtubs, sinks, and toilets to make they are all seal accordingly. With cold temperatures, bugs love to find any path into a warm space.

  • Clean out the clothes dryer exhaust duct and area beneath the dryer– Remove any fire hazard by removing all lint, dust, and pieces of material that may have made its way down there.

  • Exam your electrical outlets for any wear and tear or potential fire hazards. Frayed wires or ill-fitting plugs can all be red flags.

  • Update your fire extinguisher– Make sure your fire extinguisher is still up to date. Not to mention, some companies offer a discount just for having one.

  • Inspect your smoke detectors– Check all the batteries and make sure there is at least one on each floor of your home, because you missed the day on March 31.

  • Have your wood-burning fireplace inspected, cleaned and repaired to prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Wrap water pipes that run along exterior walls with heating tape. It will save energy and prevent them from freezing.

  • Clean and replace filters in your furnace or heating system. Contact a licensed heating contractor to inspect and service your gas heater or furnace to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Your local utility company will often provide this service for free.

  • If you use a hot water system for heating, drain the expansion tank, check the water pressure, and bleed your radiators. 

  • Check the attic to make sure the insulation is installed properly. The vapor barrier on insulation should face down toward the living space. If it is installed incorrectly (with the vapor barrier facing up) then the insulation will trap moisture causing possible water problems. Cut slits in the vapor barrier to allow moisture to escape. To install attic insulation, unroll the insulation with the paper side out. Install small pieces of insulation between the joists on the attic floor. Be careful not to step between the joists.

Many of the chores listed you can do your self but I personally don’t recommend that you go on the roof for any chore.  Accidents happen – why take a chance when there are people like us whose job it is to inspect, clean and service your gutters. Been in business over 23 years in 13 counties in NJ so by this time we know what we are doing. That’s our job.


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