Scheduling your gutter cleaning after snow, ice, and Spring or Fall debris is down is one of the most important chores to do.  You can have peace of mind knowing that there is no debris in the gutter to help contribute to damaged gutters.  Leftover debris from last fall is already putting serious stress on your gutters and the fascia board that they are attached to.  If your gutters are not properly secured or your fascia has begun to deteriorate due to the everyday weather conditions your gutters can fall off.  By having your gutters checked during a routine cleaning you can help prevent damage.  A fallen gutter that is not damaged is not as bad as a gutter that is hanging and bent.  Once the gutter is bent it can not be repaired.

A yearly gutter maintenance check-up will alert you to any issues that may be going on with your gutters.  Keltom Gutters offers a maintenance plan to fit every home….whether you have tons of leaves and need it done more often or if your home gets hardly any leaves and wants to clean your gutters once a year, we can help. 

Snow and ice are heavy and the weight of it in your gutters can cause serious damage to your current gutter system which will allow your home to be subject to water damage once the weather clears and everything starts melting.  The problem that you run into is that after the heavy snow, your gutter repairs and evaluation are too late.  You also forgot to clean your gutters in the Fall so now there is even more weight in your gutter.  This is why proper regular gutter maintenance is so important.

We are currently scheduling for Spring gutter cleaning and as a new customer or recurring customer, we are here to help.  

Check out more information on the importance of regular gutter maintenance.