Why do some leaves take longer than others???   Keltom  has the answer.

“If autumn days are cool, trees quicken the change. If autumn days are warm, trees delay the change”.

Those dead, bleached-brown beech and oak leaves rattling in a January wind – but somehow still clinging to their twigs – are symbolic. Like ecological pennants, they announce that beech and oak are not quite finished; that these species are still works in progress.  Every leaf has a finite life span; each will fade and fall at some regular interval. But there is great variation in the timing of this leaf fall. At one end of the spectrum, there are evergreens. Though they appear to be fully leafed at all times, evergreen leaves are not always green, and entire age classes of needles die, turn brown, and fall every year. On the other end of the spectrum are deciduous trees, which seem to drop their leaves all at once after a pigment party every fall.

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