Fairs, Festivals in NJ while NOT CLEANING YOUR GUTTERS!

Keltom Gutter Services says" Get out of the house, go to some fairs and festivals, enjoy the spring weather and let us to the dirty work for you.

No one wants to have to 1. drag out, 2. find or borrow a ladder 3. clean your gutters.  Not everyone is perfect and okay you forgot to clean your gutters in the fall and now the water is overflowing along the house ruining your landscape, damaging your windows and your wife is yelling at you to get out of the house and have some fun.

Below is information about us and a short list of fun things to do while not cleaning your gutters.

Our gutter cleaning service the easiest ways to avoid damage to your home.  Regular  gutter maintenance is one of the most important home maintenance chores you need to do.

Gutters or leaders act as the first defense against rain and snow damage on key parts of your home. When cleaned annually or biannually, we prepare them for any moisture by draining it away from the home and into the yard. It’s important to clean them out twice a year—especially in autumn after leaves fall—to avoid paying thousands of dollars on repairs to the roof, foundation, or siding from seasonal storms and improper drainage.

The downspouts also play a key role in the gutters as well. If they are filled with debris, then the water will not drain into the yard, which means back-filling the gutters which cause damage to the soffit, fascia and siding and very likely the house interior.

Several factors come into play with our gutter cleaning service: is the home multi-level or single level?  How many sides of your house have gutters, what type of roof does the house have, does the house have any type of gutter guard or screens?  Why do we ask about the type of roof you have? If you have a slate or cedar roof then our technicians will not walk on the roof. Solid gutter guards on top of your gutters need special attention....as a result you may think that debris will not get into the gutters but build up of debris over the years can cause your gutters to block and cause water damage.  Birds like to build nests and small animals hide their food and treats in your gutters! Screens on your gutters also require special attention. Screens come loose and leaves and debris accumulate.

Have copper gutters?  Ladder stabilizers are used to make sure the ladders do not touch the gutters.

NOW is the time to gt your gutters cleaned to protect your home.

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AccuWeather says rough winter for Jersey...

If the latest long-range forecast is correct, it's a good time to start shopping for a new snow shovel AND CLEAN YOUR GUTTERS!!

AccuWeather, in its new long-range forecast, predicts it will feel like an extended winter for New Jersey and Pennsylvania as cold and snowy conditions will likely stretch into spring 2017.

Frequent storms across the northeastern U.S. — particularly in the Northeast — this winter may lead to an above-normal season for snowfall.

"I think the Northeast is going to see more than just a few, maybe several, systems in the course of the season," AccuWeather Long-Range Forecaster Paul Pastelok said in a news release.

Unlike last season, in which most of winter's snowfall came from a few heavy-hitting storms, this winter will last into the early or middle part of spring and will feature frequent snow events.

Pastelok said much of the accumulation will be in New Jersey, the Philadelphia metropolitan area and south of Washington, D.C. These areas will see a handful of changeover systems, where falling snow transitions to rain and sleet.

Overall, it's predicted that the region will total a below-normal number of subzero days, though the temperature will average 3-5 degrees Fahrenheit lower than last year.

However, the new year will usher in a pattern change as a sudden burst of cold air penetrates the region.

Keltom Gutters services 13 counties in NJ.  Below is a coupon for you and one for a friend!!

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Keltom Gutter Service is already in your neighborhood....from Heather Court in Allendale, to Bristol Court in Alpine, stopping on Cedar Lane in Closter, Performing gutter cleaning and doing repairs along the way.   We're scheduling service in Franklin Lakes,Woodcliff Lake and Glen Rock.   Have a wood , metal, tile or slate roof?  We don't walk on specialty roofs - at all.  Any special needs you have such as heating cables, solar panels or copper gutters we pay attention and use the proper techniques and equipment to ensure that  the job is completed to your satisfaction.

You do know that regular maintenance of your gutters is one of the most important things you can do to protect your most valuable investment.   Water damage can be costly whether it's damaged windows and doors or foundation damage  - the worst you can have.  So if you didn't clean your gutters in the Fall now is the time before the heavy spring rains come and water run-off from clogged gutters saturates your home and landscape.  When we clean your gutters we will check for any gutter or fascia repairs that you may not even be aware of and provide a written estimate to fix the issue.

Thinking of installing new replacement gutters?  Not sure if your current configuration is appropriate for your home?  We will send our trained field estimator to work with you on determining the best solution and to provide information on seamless aluminum gutters, color choices for gutters and downspouts, gutter guards, and copper gutter information.

Call us if you have questions about our gutter cleaning maintenance agreements, guttering cleaning estimates, repair procedures and pricing, advise on gutter installations or any other gutter related issues!!!

Thanks, Beth


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