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When you need to schedule a professional gutter cleaning service, Keltom Gutters is the name you can trust to do the job right. After nearly 30 years in the business, we know how to ensure optimal gutter function and prevent property damage. If you’re ready to book a service, click the button below.

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What You Can Expect From Keltom Gutters?

Quality Workmanship

We clean your gutters thoroughly, leaving them better than we found them.

Full Licensed & Insured Technicians

Our gutter cleaning professionals are fully licensed and insured, meaning you’re protected if any damages or injuries were to occur on your property.

Affordable Rates

We provide upfront pricing with no hidden fees. We also offer annual service plans to offer our customers the best price on the market.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the work we provide. If we fall short, just let us know. We’ll return to your property ASAP to make things right.


Our technicians are up-to-date with the latest industry trends and use the most advanced gutter cleaning equipment available.


We don’t require customers to be present when we perform a gutter cleaning. We’ll get the job done no matter where you are.

Why Is Gutter Cleaning Important?

Routine gutter cleaning is important for two main reasons:

  • To keep your gutters in tip-top shape for years to come
  • To safeguard your property against interior and exterior water damage
hand gutter cleaning

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Professional Gutter Cleaning Company?

Wondering why you should bite the bullet and hire a professional gutter cleaning company to handle all your gutter cleaning needs? Consider the following benefits this essential service offers.

Man installing new gutters

Enhanced Safety

When it comes to gutter cleaning, safety is a top priority. According to the CDC, more than 100 fatalities and thousands of injuries occur in the U.S. annually due to ladder-related falls. If you don’t have to climb up a ladder to clean your gutters, why risk it? Leave it up to the professionals at Keltom Gutters who are trained for the job and equipped with the proper safety gear.


Greater Convenience

Hiring a professional gutter cleaning company will save you valuable time. You can allocate the time you would have spent cleaning your gutters toward more important and enjoyable activities. And you don’t even have to lift a finger—other than to give us a call.

gutter cleaning copper gutters

Increased Cost Savings

While you may not want to pay for routine gutter cleaning services, it will end up saving you money in the long run. That’s because clogged gutters face a greater risk of wearing down prematurely, damaging the fascia of your building, and causing water damage to your property—all of which aren’t cheap problems to fix. Book routine gutter cleanings with the Keltom Gutters team to enjoy long-term cost savings.


Reliable Damage Prevention

Routine gutter cleaning protects both your gutters and your property from damage. It protects your gutters from:

  • Rust formation
  • Crack and hole formation
  • Separating from the fascia due to excess debris weight
  • Attracting unwanted critters due to debris buildup

Gutter cleaning also protects your property from water damage. Gutters exist to collect and redirect water away from your home or business. When gutters become clogged with debris, water won’t flow freely through them. The water ends up either spilling over the sides of the gutters—damaging the landscaping below—or seeping into the building—which can damage the foundation, peel paint, and ruin flooring. Routine gutter cleaning removes small clogs before they grow into a bigger problem.

How We Clean Your Gutters

Our technicians follow this simple, five-step process for every gutter cleaning.

Step 1

Our technicians will knock on your front door to let you know they’ve arrived. If you’re not on site, no worries. We complete the requested services whether or not you’re around.

Step 2

We blow off your roof to remove loose debris.

Step 3

We remove loose debris from your gutters and downspouts by hand.

Step 4

We use a high-pressure water hose to remove remaining grime and stains that couldn’t be removed manually.

Step 5

We place a door hanger on your front door knob to let you know we completed the requested service(s).

You don’t have to pay for services before we arrive or on the date of service completion. We’ll mail an invoice directly to you, which can be paid at your earliest convenience.

slate wood roof gutter cleaning

Our Gutter Cleaning Service Plans

One way you can save time and money is by purchasing an annual service plan. Instead of booking and paying for individual gutter cleanings, you can have us perform services regularly to keep your gutters debris-free year-round. Our service plans even offer discounted cleaning costs and additional benefits.

Debris Cleanup

For an additional $10 per bag, we’ll bag all of the debris we removed from your gutters. We’ll place the trash bags on your curb for the trash company to collect the next day. It’s as simple as that. Our goal is to leave your property in better condition than when we found it, not just your gutters.

Trust Keltom Gutters to Clean Your Gutters

Keltom Gutters has been the trusted name in gutter cleaning since 1994. We provide comprehensive gutter services—including cleaning, repairs, and installation. We even offer durable gutter guards. Our technicians use the latest industry tools and techniques to ensure quality work every time. Ready to take the next step? Click the button below to schedule a service.

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