So you have a house with gutters and downspouts…almost everyone does.  Where is your water going when it rains?  Everyone knows that water  can cause wet basements and corrosion of the foundation.   Is your water going into an underground drain?  Do you maintain that drain? Just like anything else underground drains need regular check-ups and maintenance.   Nothing stays clean and free flowing forever.

Drainage systems have unique problems. Sometimes the end of the drain goes nowhere…you know it was installed but not quite sure where it goes.  Sometimes the pipe does not lead into a tank, or even into the street at the end of the line.  Have you found the end of the pipe and do you see water coming out when it is raining?  This is the easiest way to determine if your underground drain is working.

The simplest solution to avoiding any problems with the underground drainage system is to not use it. Yes, don’t use it. It costs plenty to have that drain cleaned and fixed if broken underground compared to the cost of having a gutter cleaning.  Better to use downspout extensions, strainers, and have regular gutter cleanings.  Now is Spring maintenance season call us for a quote on a gutter cleaning, maintenance service agreements, gutter repairs, installations.   973-852-7100.   Request a quote online.