Winter is finally over!!!  It had been a cold, long winter and now is the time to get your gutters cleaned to reduce the damage debris from falling branches, left over leaves, and bird nests may cause.   Keltom Gutter Services recommends a through cleaning and maintenance check before the heavy rains of April and May begin.  Water damage from clogged gutters not only can damage your foundation but water can run down the sides of your home damaging windows and doorways.  Landscaping is subject to heavy water damage also.  Keltom Gutters offers $15 of your gutter cleaning for first time customers and $20 off your gutter cleaning if you take advantage of the “LOCK IN YOUR PRICE” gutter cleaning service agreement. You determine when you want your gutter cleaning, receive written notification and priority scheduling and lock in your price!!! In today’s economy it is nice to know that some things don’t change and Keltom Gutter Services guarantees your cleaning. If your gutters clog within 30 days of your last cleaning we will clean them again free of charge!  Call 973-852-7100 for a quick quote on your gutter cleaning price.