Specialty roof??? No problem…Keltom Gutters cleans gutters for homes with specialty roofs.

Ok,  so now you own a home with a slate or wood roof, and you called various gutter companies to get them to come out and service your gutters.  Of course you’re worried that they may break or damage the roof because we all know how expensive it can be to replace broken slate or cedar. Keltom Gutter Services trains their technicians not  to walk on any specialty roof!!  We clean your gutters by hand from the ladder, not by walking on your roof.  Sure it takes more time and labor but this is what we do.  Our only business is gutters…nothing else.  Our techs use the proper equipment to provide a quality gutter cleaning based on your homes needs.  Have copper gutters? No problem. Our techs use ladder stabilizers which prevent the ladders from touching your copper gutters.  Our techs are trained to take care of all types of gutters including Yankee,  aluminum, and copper.

When you call us we will ask you about your home and make sure the properly equipped truck comes to your home. Call now for a price quote. 973-852-7100 or info@keltomgutters.wpengine.com  keltomgutters.com

$15 Off Gutter Cleaning (First Time Customers Only)