Why are Mercer County homes more at risk for possible water damage then other counties?  Mercer County is flat and low-lying on the inner coastal plain and we know that any extra water around your home’s foundation can cause serious damage.

Gutters or leaders act as the first defense against rain and snow damage on key parts of your home. When cleaned annually or biannually, they are then prepared for any moisture by draining it away from the home and into the yard. It’s important to clean them out twice a year—especially in autumn after leaves fall—to avoid paying thousands of dollars on repairs to the roof, foundation, or siding from seasonal storms and improper drainage.

Our company is the premier gutter cleaning company for those homes that have special needs.. You know who you are…wood, metal and slate roofs, copper gutters, solar panels, heating cables…we take special care of you. We don’t walk on specialty roofs and we use stand-offs so our ladders don’t damage your copper gutters. Our techs are instructed to be especially careful of your heating cables and solar panels.  Call us if you have questions about our gutter cleaning maintenance agreements, guttering cleaning estimates, repair procedures and pricing, advise on gutter installations or any other gutter related issues!!!

Call today for a FREE quote on new seamless aluminium or copper  gutters and downspouts, gutter and fascia repairs, and gutter cleanings. We are happy to offer LOCK IN YOUR PRICE SERVICE AGREEMENTS on gutter cleanings!!!